Line-X of Hudson WI

Seat Heaters

Seat heaters are a great way to treat yourself or a friend to a more enjoyable ride during those cold midwest winters.  We can install seat heaters in virtually any vehicle.  Our technitions will select the right heaters for your vehicles whether the seats are cloth or leather.  Controls are also mounted to appear as close to factory to ensure a clean look. 

We install several brands of heaters include Katzkin, Webasto, & Check Corp.  Some vehicles that would require a leather kit to be installed along with the seat heaters.

Vehicles listed below have glued seat covers, therefore installation will be much more difficult.
- Chevrolet Cavalier
- Chrysler Town & Country
- Dodge Caravan
- Mini Cooper/Honda Fit
- Suzuki Aveo
- Toyota Echo/Toyota Yaris