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Comfort, convenience and security.

A pioneer product in the remote car starter industry, the AstroStart product line provides technologically advanced components, complimenting their ability to interface their products seamlessly with today's automobiles. The AstroStart's design and industry specific tools reduce installation time and enhances product reliability. The main control module is covered by a lifetime warranty.

PLATFORM FLEXIBILITY: As well as the four programmable outputs, some models (5204, 3106, 4204, 2205 and 2106 XR) offer built-in relays for locking/unlocking doors, anti-theft, and anti-grind features. These integrated options reduce installation time and eliminate the need for additional installation parts.

SIMPLIFIED PROGRAMMING: The Multitest II installation tool helps installers save time when troubleshooting or making programming modifications on today's complex vehicles. A simple connection to the system's receiver wire (located on the windshield) means that installers can accomplish all of these operations without having to dismantle any part of the vehicle.

INTEGRITY OF FACTORY-INSTALLED CIRCUIT PROTECTION SYSTEMS: All AstroStart products adapt to new automotive technology and conserve the integrity of the vehicle's original systems – protecting the circuits interfaced with the remote starter.


  • Up to four remote transmitters that can be programmed to the system without accessing the main module
  • All programming and troubleshooting by Multitest II through the antenna cable
  • Auto Tach learning capability
  • And much more!
ASTROSTART Remote control starters (Module) – Limited Lifetime Warranty
Astroflex Inc., manufacturer of AstroStart remote control starters (the Product), warrants to the original end- user purchaser that the main control module (Module) shall be free of defects in materials and/or workmanship for a limited lifetime provided the original end-user purchaser continuously owns the vehicle the Product was originally installed in and the Product remains continually installed in the vehicle during the warranty period. In accordance with the terms of this limited warranty, Astroflex, at its expense (subject to exceptions stipulated thereinafter) shall repair or replace the Product which is proven defective.